Forthcoming events are listed below, as well as recent ones. Enquiries about meetings should be addressed to the named organiser of the meeting. Due to limitations on numbers at some events it is essential that bookings for meetings be received by the stated deadline: it should not be assumed that extra places will be available either after the deadline or on the day. If in any doubt, contact the organiser of the meeting. The Society has made available a limited fund to subsidise student attendance at BSHM organised or co-organised conferences. Requests for support under this initiative should be made initially to the conference organiser.

The Society also maintains a list of other meetings which are not associated with the BSHM, but which may nonetheless be of interest to members.

Other UK meetings           Other Overseas meetings

A list of recent BSHM meetings, with details may be of interest.

A list of the Society's events from 1992 to 2007 is available in our archive pages, as well as a list of talks given at those meetings.

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) maintains a calendar of events involving the history of mathematics. MAA Convergence Calendar

The Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM) maintains a calendar of international history and philosophy of mathematics events. CSHPM Calendar

Forthcoming BSHM meetings

IHOM3   HoS   Relativity   Washington DC   LMS   GC   Xmas  

Third Irish History of Mathematics Conference   IHoM3 Detailed Programme
After successful Irish History of Mathematics Conferences at Maynooth (2011) and St Patrick’s Drumcondra (2013), the 3rd Irish History of Mathematics Conference (IHOM3) will take place at Ulster University, Belfast on Friday 15th May 2015.
The event will be organised by Dr Ciarán Mac an Bhaird (Maynooth) and Dr Mark McCartney (Ulster).

See the IHOM1 and IHOM2 websites for details of previous talks.

In keeping with the relaxed nature of previous conferences, formality and costs will be kept to a minimum, and as such there will only be a £10 registration fee (payable on the day), (£5 for BSHM members), to cover the costs of lunch and coffee breaks. Requests to register for the event should also be sent to Mark, no later than 8th May.

‘Symmetry and Groups’, Birkbeck College, London, Saturday 23rd May
Detailed programme with abstracts.
We are adding a spring meeting at Birkbeck to the BSHM calendar.
The first of these will be a one-day BSHM conference on the history of symmetry and groups, supported by the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck.
The aim of the day is to look at the history of symmetry and its study through group theory.

Registration will be £5 for students, £10 for BSHM members and Birkbeck staff, and £20 for non-members.
To register, please fill in this form    
Note: you can pay more than one registration at a time via paypal or cheque, but please fill in a separate registration form for each person.
To complete registration you will need to pay the appropriate registration fee. This can be done towards the bottom of the BSHM Payments page or by sending a cheque for the appropriate amount, payable to BSHM, to:
Sarah Hart, Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX.
This will include tea and coffee but not lunch, as we wanted to keep the registration fee to a minimum. There are numerous places to eat within easy walking distance of Birkbeck.
Latest details from Sarah Hart.    

The Big Picture: A Celebration of 100 Years of General Relativity
Sat 20 Jun 2015. 9:45am to 5:00pm.
Rewley House 1 Wellington Square Oxford OX1 2JA.

We have brought together an outstanding selection of speakers who are not only leaders in their fields but can communicate their esoteric subjects to lay audiences.
We are particularly pleased to be able to welcome Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell.
Speakers: Please note that no special knowledge of the Subject will be assumed
Joint meeting with Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE).
Advanced booking and payment of fee via the OUDCE website is essential. Booking facilities are now open.

BSHM/CSHPM Joint Meeting in North America 2015
Washington, DC, USA, 5th-8th August 2015.
Every four years, the BSHM and the CSHPM hold a joint meeting.
This year, a meeting is due in North America, and has been planned to be part of MAA MathFest, in order to help The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) celebrate its Centenary.
Here is the latest information about the schedule and registration procedure for MathFest:

Schedule: Because we have received so many good abstracts, the sessions have been expanded to run from 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday August 5 → 5:00 p.m. on Saturday August 8.
Here is the tentative schedule (it could change):

Registration/Housing: Please go to: to register and see the housing options for the conference.
As long as you are a member of ONE of CSHPM, BSHM or MAA (POMSIGMAA or HOMSIGMAA) you are eligible for member registration.
If you have specific questions regarding the arrangements, please contact Maria Zack:

LMS-EMS Mathematical Weekend, Birmingham University (18-20 September 2015)
To celebrate the 150th year of the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the 25th year of the European Mathematical Society (EMS)
There will be a BSHM plenary lecture.
See LMS-EMS Mathematical Weekend

A Celebration of the Bicentenary of Ada Lovelace
Gresham College, London, Thursday 29th October 2015.
Principal speaker: Ursula Martin, Professor of Computer Science at Oxford.
More details in due course.

(There will be an exhibition on the work of Ada Lovelace at the Bodleian Library from 29 October - 18 December, and a symposium on 9-10 December, organised by the University of Oxford.)
See Celebrating the 200th anniversary of computer visionary Ada Lovelace

Christmas Meeting, Birmingham and Midland Institute, Saturday 5th December 2015
As ever, the Christmas meeting will be an enjoyable mixture including talks by members and a guest speaker.
BSHM are inviting offers of papers which will normally be 40 minutes including questions, although shorter slots can be accomodated. Any topic concerning histories of mathematics will be considered. Please submit an abstract of up to 250 words to by Apr 17th. The selection will be made at the Council meeting at the end of that month. The BSHM is a friendly Society so please be encouraged to take part.


Other UK Meetings

Reading   RS   Harriot   Leibniz   Physics   Leibniz   THS  

BSHM is not directly involved in these and any questions should be addressed directly to the organisers.
Please notify if you learn of any more relevant forthcoming events.

A History of Mathematics from Euclid to Weiss.
Wednesday 15 April to Wednesday 17 June 2015.
Ten weekly meeings, 7.00-9.00pm on Wednesday evenings at University of Reading, London Road Campus.
Course organised by University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education.
Dr Vasos Pavlika covers some of the key developments, moments, and personalities in the creation of mathematics over the last two thousand years.

Exhibition of LMS Members' Correspondence from the Archives of the Royal Society
Between May and July in 2015 the LMS, in collaboration with the Royal Society, will be exhibiting certain historic correspondences relating to LMS members. These will be available for viewing in the display cases of the Royal Society and are designed to highlight the fascinating history and achievements of eminent LMS members over the last 150 years.


Dr Stephen Clucas, Reader in Early Modern Intellectual History, English, and Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London, will deliver this year’s Thomas Harriot Lecture in the Champneys Room, Oriel College, Oxford at 5 pm on Thursday 28 May 2015. The lecture will be followed by an informal drinks reception at 6 pm. After the lecture, there will also be an opportunity of visiting an exhibition in the Senior Library, mounted by the college librarian Mrs Marjory Szurko. The exhibition, entitled “’All the fruites of our labours’: studies of the natural world from Thomas Harriot to Gilbert White”, will celebrate the work of Harriot and the eighteenth-century naturalist Gilbert White, who was both an undergraduate and a fellow of Oriel, and will show contemporary illustrations of the natural world from the library’s collections.

The 2015 lecture marks twenty-five years since the first Thomas Harriot Lecture was given, by Professor David B. Quinn, in 1990.

For further details, contact Professor Robert Fox at

All welcome

Dr Clucas has provided the following summary of his lecture:

A little over forty years ago John W. Shirley published a collection of essays Thomas Harriot : Renaissance Scientist, which presented Harriot as a “key figure at the time when the new science of logic, reason, mathematics, and experiment was coming into being”. A great deal of work has been done on Harriot since 1974, and this lecture aims to reflect on the advances made in our understanding of him over the last forty years, and to celebrate the twenty-five years of Thomas Harriot lectures at Oriel, which have made such a signal contribution to those advances. By surveying some of the significant moments in Harriot studies in the past decades I hope to come to an understanding of what Harriot means for the twenty-first century, and to reflect on what remains to be done in the decades to come.

(Note: for BSHM members: Thomas Harriot was, of course, an interest of recently deceased Jacqueline Stedall, and Dr Clucas will no doubt mention her work).

Jackie Stedall talks about Thomas Harriot

The manuscripts of Thomas Harriot (1560–1621)

The Greate Invention of Algebra Thomas Harriot's Treatise on equations by Jacqueline A. Stedall
This is a work of evident love and outstanding scholarship and I am sure it will do a great deal to advance the reputation of Thomas Harriot. It will, I believe, be acclaimed by academic historians and will become a seminal text for future research. (The Mathematical Gazette)
Stedall is an author to watch ... this is a book that should be in any library that tries to have a complete set of historical source material. (MAA Online)

"Leibniz, Mathematics, and the Creation of the Universe" A Public Talk by Dr Lloyd Strickland (Manchester Metropolitan University) Poster
Thursday, 4 June, 2015. 5pm - 6pm. James Clerk Maxwell House, 14 India Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6EZ
Free Entry. All Welcome
Further details:

"Physics and the Great War" One-Day Conference
Saturday, June 13, 2015. 10.30 am - 5.30 pm. St Cross College, University of Oxford
Arguably the First World War saw the greatest advent of new science and technology and the role of science in warfare than any conflict hitherto. On land the innovations of barbed wire, machine guns and eventually, tanks changed the nature of land battles. At sea, radio communications changed operation of surface fleets and the introduction of submarine warfare changed the nature of war at sea. This war saw also the advent of aerial warfare which was to change the nature of all future wars. This conference seeks to review the key ways in which physics and its mathematics changed the nature of conflict from various points of views: technical, historical and sociological.
Registration to attend this conference is free, but must be confirmed using the Conference booking form by Monday 8th June.

Leibniz - scientist, Leibniz - philosopher
There will be an International Conference at the Lampeter Campus of University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.
3 - 5 July 2015.
Conference website

The 2015 Thomas Harriot Seminar will be held at Durham Castle on the 6-7 July.
Speakers will include Cathy France, Robert Goulding, Stephen Johnston and Richard Osterhoof, and David Harris Sacks.
Topics covered will include Thomas Harriot’s optics, Thomas Digges and ballistic trajectories, Edward Wright and navigation, and Gabriel Harvey and the utility of mathematics.
Please address any queries to the Chairman Dr Stephen Clucas at: Seminar website


Other Overseas Meetings

Porto   ICME  

The 2015 Joint AMS-EMS-SPM International Meeting
From Wednesday 10th June to Saturday 13th June 2015
Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and Seminário de Vilar, Porto, Portugal.
Includes sessions on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics

13th International Congress on Mathematical Education
From Sunday 24th July 2016 to Sunday 31st July 2016
University of Hamburg, Germany.
Includes sessions on:

Lectures at Gresham College & the Museum of London
In addition to the annual autumn BSHM meetings held jointly with Gresham College, there are lectures relating to the history of mathematics in Gresham College's regular programme, given by BSHM past presidents, Raymond Flood & Tony Mann. No booking is required; the lectures are free and are run on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Recent BSHM meetings

The Life and Work of Augustus De Morgan.   Programme & abstracts     Poster     De Morgan House, London, 9 May 2015.

Research in Progress 2015, Oxford, 21 February 2015.

"BSHM Annual Christmas Meeting" A daytime meeting with a mixture of invited speakers and members' talks. 10:00 Saturday 6th December 2014. The Birmingham and Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS

"The history of mathematics in 300 stamps." A BSHM Public Lecture by Robin Wilson to launch a new Portuguese/UK postage stamp website. 2:30 pm at the Andrew Wiles building, Oxford, 21th November 2014

BSHM–Gresham College Joint Meeting. "History of Statistics" 4 pm at Barnard’s Inn Hall, Thursday, 30th October 2014.

Classic Open University Videos on the History of Mathematics OU West Midlands Regional Centre, Birmingham. Saturday 11am 11th October 2014.

Non-Western Mathematics One day event at Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford. 27th June 2014.

Famous physicists and mathematicians from Belfast One day event at Queen's University Belfast. 9am Wednesday, 25th June 2014.

Counting and Calculation Summer Weekend, Rewley House, Oxford. Sat 21 June/ Sun 22 June 2014.

Euler 300 A joint meeting of the BSHM and the North West IMA branch. A talk by Robin Wilson, "Euler: 300 years on"., Manchester Metropolitan University, Tuesday 13th May 2014.

NAPIER 400 A Joint Meeting of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation and the British Society for the History of Mathematics in celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the publication of John Napier’s Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio., Edinburgh, Friday 4th April 2014.

Brass for Brain A talk by Raymond Flood on Lord Kelvin and tide prediction, Nottingham, Wednesday 19th March 2014.

Research in Progress 2014, Oxford, 22 February 2014.

BSHM Christmas Meeting (also Robin Wilson's 70th Birthday!) A ‘History of Mathematics’Day. - An eclectic mix of interesting historical issues , Saturday 7th December. 2013.

Novembertagung on the History of Mathematics (London, 20th–22nd November 2013). Part sponsorship from BSHM.

A Chance Encounter A talk by Richard Simpson about 17th century mathematics. Manchester, Tuesday 12th November 2013.

Autumn Meeting / Gresham College Lecture,A History of Computing in Three Parts, London, 31 October 2013.

John Wallis and the Parallel Postulate  A meeting at Oxford to commemerate the 350th anniversary of John Wallis's lecture on Euclid's parallel postulate. 11 July 2013.

Geometry from Euclid to Einstein   A weekend meeting organised jointly by the Department for Continuing Education, Oxford University, and the BSHM. Oxford, 22/23 June 2013

A one day meeting exploring CL Dodgsons interests in and contributions to mathematics.   Jointly organised by The British Society for the History of Mathematics and The Lewis Carroll Society in association with The Birmingham and Midland Institute. Birmingham, 18 May 2013

The Tercentenary Celebration of Jacob Bernoulli's "Ars Conjectandi" or "the Art of Conjecturing" Joint meeting with The Royal Statistical Society, London, 26 April 2013  

Research in Progress 2013, Oxford, 2 March 2013  

Christmas Meeting, Birmingham, 8 December 2012

Lewis Carroll in Numberland (joint meeting with the Institute of Mathematics & its Applications East Midlands Branch), Derby, 13 November 2012

Autumn Meeting / Gresham College Lecture, London, 31 October 2012

For the Recorde: An evaluation of the life and works of Robert Recorde (joint meeting with Tenby Museum and Art Gallery), Tenby, 19th October 2012

History of Mathematics I: From Earliest Times to Isaac Newton, Leeds, 6 October 2012 No charge is made to attend meetings; non-IMA members are welcome.

Mathematicians and their gods, Rewley House, Oxford, 15-16 September 2012

Turing's Worlds, Alan Turing Centenary Meeting, Rewley House, Oxford, 23rd-24th June 2012

A 50th anniversary commemoration of R.A. Fisher, Royal Statistical Society, London, 7 June 2012Â

Research in Progress, Oxford, 3 March 2012

BSHM / Gresham College Joint Lecture, London, 3 November 2011

Joint talk with IMA East Midlands branch, Leicester, 15 November 2011

Autumn Meeting and AGM, London, 8 October 2011 Twitter #BSHM2011

Fifth Joint CSHPM / BSHM Meeting, Trinity College, Dublin, 15-17 July 2011 Twitter #JCHPM

Early Mathematics (joint meeting with Gresham College), London, 6 May 2011 Twitter #earlymaths

British Mathematical Colloquium History of Mathematics Splinter Session, Leicester, 20 April 2011

Joint talk with IMA East Midlands branch, Leicester, 23 March 2011

Research in Progress 2011, Oxford, 5 March 2011

BSHM / Gresham College Joint Lecture, London, 4 November 2010

Autumn Meeting 2010, Birmingham, 2 October 2010

Pi-hunting - the story of a mathematical obsession, British Science Festival, Birmingham, 15 September 2010

What does it mean to do the philosophy, history and sociology of mathematics in the 21st century?, University College, London, July 30th 2010

Schoolteachers' Meeting, London, 19 March 2010

History of mathematics in the undergraduate curriculum, Greenwich, 30 March 2010

History theme at BCME-7, Manchester, 7 April 2010

History of mathematics splinter group at Maths2010, Edinburgh, 6-9 April 2010

December Special Lecture, London, 12 December 2009

Motivations for Mathematics, The Science Museum Smith Centre, London, 21 November 2009

Annual BSHM / Gresham College Lecture, Gresham College, London, 2 November 2009

BSHM Autumn Meeting, London, 19 September 2009

Mathematics and Fiction, Oxford, 30-31 May 2009

Research in Progress, Oxford, 28 February 2009

History of Mathematics Splinter Group at the 61st British Mathematical Colloquium, Galway, 6-9 April 2009

Mathematics in View, Greenwich, 15 December 2008

Gresham College Lecture, 'Mathematics and the Medici', London, 27 November 2008

Autumn Meeting and AGM, Birmingham, 27 September 2008

BSHM at the BA Festival of Science in Liverpool, 8 September 2008

Robert Recorde, his life and times: Gregynog, Wales, 8-10 July 2008

The Mechanisation of Mathematics: Oxford, 31 May-1 June 2008

History of Financial Mathematics: London, 25 April 2008

History of Mathematics Splinter Group at British Mathematical Colloquium, York, 26 March 2008

Research in Progress: Oxford, 1 March 2008

Musical instruments and mathematical instruments, Oxford, 22 December 2007

Gresham College lecture, 'Planes and pacifism', London, 15 November 2007

BSHM Autumn Meeting, London, 22 September 2007

BSHM / CSHPM 4th Joint Meeting, Montréal, 27-29 July 2007

Euler's Mathematical Legacy, Oxford, 30 June 2007

BMC 2007 History of Mathematics Splinter Group: Swansea, 17 April 2007

Karl Pearson sesquicentenary conference: London, 23 March 2007

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