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[When the gazetteer was edited for serial publication in the BSHM Newsletter, references were omitted since the bibliography was too substantial to be included. Publication on the web permits references to be included for material now being added to the website, but they are still absent from material originally prepared for the Newsletter - TM, August 2002]


Because of its size, the London section of the Gazetteer is divided into nine pages: this main index page; and sections covering the scientific institutions and societies; the British Museum, British Library and Science Museum; other institutions and places; and mathematical people (A-C, D-G, H-M, N-R and S-Z). Inevitably these categories are somewhat arbitrary so use of this index page and / or the Search facility is recommended.

This material has been substantially rearranged from the original single page for London.

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Scientific institutions and societies (Educational Institutions and Learned Societies)

The British Museum, British Library and Science Museum

Other institutions and places (Other Institutions in central London, and Institutions further out)

Mathematical People A - C; D - G; H - M; N - R; S - Z (Wandering now about London, I will mention monuments in alphabetical order of the individuals. Details are often taken from various specialized London guidebooks. In 1867, The Royal Society of Arts began placing plaques on sites of historic interest. This was taken over by the London County Council (LCC) and its successors, the Greater London Council (GLC) and now English Heritage. The plaques are ceramic discs of a distinctive blue, generally called Blue Plaques, even though some of the earlier ones were rectangular, bronze and/or brown! Before the first War, the London County Council published details justifying each plaque. Additionally, the City of London, several Boroughs and several societies have erected plaques of interest. A number of other cities and institutions have since adopted the idea and in 1998, English Heritage began to extend its role to a national scheme (I'm not sure whether this is just England or all of the UK). In May 1999, Liverpool was the first city for which a list of plaques was announced.
Caution: plaques vanish with regularity due to demolition and vandalism. Some of the listed sites have vanished and I indicate those that I know of by an appropriate qualification, but it is likely that others have vanished that I do not know about.

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Scientific institutions and societies

Educational Institutions

Learned Societies

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The British Museum, British Library and Science Museum

British Museum and British Library

Science Museum

Other institutions and places

Other Institutions in central London

Institutions further out



Mathematical Architecture and Mathematical Tiles

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Mathematical people with London connections

Mathematical People A - C



B (continued)


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Mathematical People D - G





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Mathematical People H - M







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Mathematical People N - R





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Mathematical People S - Z







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Written by David Singmaster. Last updated on 28th February 2003 by TM . Copyright © BSHM and David Singmaster 1998 - 2003. All rights reserved.

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