The Cost-centre stack Profiling Tool

The Cost-centre stack Profiling Tool for GHC

The cost centre stack profiler provides a way of viewing program cost information in a daVinci based, interactive programming tool. It displays a graph view of your program and a number of features to allow you to explore the graph and view call counts, memory usage and timing behaviour of various parts of your program (see below).

One of the nicest features of the tool is the ability to follow program costs through your program through a mechanism of inheritance post-processing. The tool will point out various hot-spots in your program (see below)

and then automatically display the path through the program to that expensive part of code (see below). This is particularly useful when utility functions are shared between a number of program components.

The tool is small, free and runs of an XML based interface - so, if you get your favourite compiler to spit out the XML in the form specified by our supplied DTD, then you can integrate the tool into your own programming environment with very little work.


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