EC-TEL 2009 workshop: Authoring of Adaptive and Adaptable Hypermedia

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9:00 - 10:35

Chair: Alexandra Cristea

Full Paper:
TOGETHER: an Authoring Tool for Group Formation based on Learning Styles
Pedro Paredes, Alvaro Ortigosa and Pilar Rodriguez (BEST PAPER AWARD )

Short Paper:
Adaptive Hypermedia Content Authoring using MOT3.0
Jonathan Foss and Alexandra Cristea

Short Paper:
Design of the CAM model and authoring tool
Maurice Hendrix and Alexandra Cristea

Short Paper:
Modelling Role-Playing Game as a Unit of Learning to Encourage Cooperative Learning
Laura Mancera, Silvia Baldiris, Ramon Fabregat and David Huerva

11:05 - 13:00

Chair: Rosa Carro

Full Paper:
Towards sequencing adaptation in hypermedia systems with Bayesian networks
Jaime Mayor-Berzal and Sergio Gutierrez Santos(2nd runner up. )

Full Paper:
A Case Study on Merging Strategies for Authoring QoE-based Adaptive Hypermedia
Joshua Scotton, Sabine Moebs, Jennifer McManis and Alexandra I. Cristea(1st runner up. )

Short Paper:
QoE MOT – A Learner Quality of Experience-Oriented Authoring Tool
Andreea Molnar and Cristina Hava Muntean

Short Paper:
A Model Based on Semantic Nets to Support Evolutionary and Adaptive Hypermedia Systems
Natalia Padilla Zea, Nuria Medina Medina, Marcelino Cabrera, Fernando Molina Ortiz and Lina García Cabrera