Programme of                                          

A3H: 1st International Workshop on Authoring of Adaptive and Adaptable Hypermedia and

A3EH: the 4th International Workshop on Authoring of Adaptive & Adaptable Educational Hypermedia

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14:30 – 14:50: Authoring Content Structure for Adaptive Documents 

S. Lu and C. Paris


14:50 – 15:10: Authoring Model for Quality of Experience-aware Adaptive Hypermedia Systems

C. Hava Muntean, G.-M. Muntean, J. McManis and A. I. Cristea Runner Up for Best Paper Award! Congratulations!


15:10 – 15:30: Authoring Adaptive Learning Material on the Semantic Desktop

M. Hendrix, A.I. Cristea, and W. Nejdl


15:30 – 15:50: An Adaptive Course on Template-based Adaptive Hypermedia Design

F. Muñoz, and A. Ortigosa BEST PAPER AWARD!! Congratulations!!

15:50 – 16:10: Self-regulated adaptivity as a design and authoring support tool

A. Paramythis


16:10 – 16:30: Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Content Creation: A Web Service based Architecture

M. Meccawy, C. Stewart and H. Ashman


16:30 – 17:00: Coffee Break


17:00 – 17:20: DISAS: a DISelect-based Middleware for Building Adaptive Systems

L. Gallucci, M. Cannataro, L. Palopoli, and P. Veltri


17:20 – 17:50: Empirical Evaluation of Learning Styles Adaptation Language

N. Stash, A. I. Cristea, P. De Bra


17:50 - 18:10: A Step towards Commercial Adaptive Hypermedia

A. Wentzler, A.I. Cristea, E. Heuvelman and P. De Bra



18:10 – 18:20: Interoperability as an Aid to Authoring: Accessing User Models in Multiple AEH Systems

I. Celik, C. Stewart and H. Ashman


18:20-18:30: Adapted typographical annotations for language learning: user-profiled design solutions to problems of auditory perception and speech production

A. Stenton, S. Tazi, and A. Tricot


18:30 – 18:40: Using Hyperbolic Geometry for Visualisation of Concept Spaces for Adaptive eLearning.

K. Cassidy, J. Walsh, B. Coghlan, and D. Dagger



 Are there differences between A3EH authoring and A3H authoring?

18:40 – 19:40: Panelists: Vincent Wade , Peter Brusilovsky, Marcus Specht, Alexandra Cristea ; chair: Rosa Carro