The workshop is targeted at all people working towards the discovery of patterns in adaptive hypermedia with special focus on the domain of education. The necessity of these patterns can be as a result of authoring push or AH system interfacing or ultimately open (adaptive) hypermedia or pull. This means that patterns can emerge from repetitive structures used by AH authors; alternatively, patterns can emerge from interface programs or interface languages between different adaptive hypermedia systems, or from trying to interface to the open adaptive hypermedia.
This includes researchers that are active in all these fields, as well as representatives of larger projects or networks dealing with these issues. We encourage these researchers to submit papers to the workshop on their latest results and ideas.
Moreover, the workshop is also targeted at people who are interested to hear and discuss the state of the art and the future of this important domain of adaptive hypermedia patterns. We encourage these researchers to participate actively in the discussions for which time will be especially allocated, as well as in the other interactive parts, such as questionnaires and, if time allows it, demos.

The workshop’s main aim is to bring together researchers working or interested in the emerging field of adaptive patterns for adaptive educational hypermedia authoring. We expect to extract and discuss these emerging patterns, smoothening the transition towards standard proposals in the field.
Participants are expected to leave with a better knowledge of the state of the art of the field, as well as to have a fruitful brain-storming session generating new ideas and opening new paths.
As this is a new field, we do not expect final results, but pointers towards some existing solutions and better approaches.
Results of the discussions and questionnaire processing will be posted after the workshop on-line on the workshop site, as is the case with the first edition of this workshop.