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Dr. Alexandra I. CRISTEA
Assistant Professor
Technical University Eindhoven

Research fields: Adaptive UM, AI &
Knowledge Computing, Education, VOD

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Courses and Seminars at TU/e:
  • Modern Information Systems (2R480): I presented a talk on User Modelling ( powerpoint) + here are some student's feedback or anothers and anothers
  • Neural Networks (2L490: info in Dutch; this year, this course is given in connection with 8C050): check also my collection of NN sites
  • Databases ( 2M400: info in Dutch): check also the Silberschatz book the course is based on; (here is a local copy + sample exams (with solutions!!) )
  • ISO 2R290 exercises
  • Software Engineering Project (2R690 )
  • USI (User system interaction) course: Adaptive Systems, Software Agents, Search mechanisms (Stan Ackermans Institute )

    Some things to know about me:

  • Some general information about myself ( printable CV), my (ftp) articles , my hobbies
  • Present research at TU/e:
  • PhD thesis ( I did my thesis in Japan, at the University of Electro-Communications in Toyko, Graduate School of Information Systems Laboratory of AI & Knowledge Computing, under the supervision of professor Toshio Okamoto. You may find my old homepage here and a copy of it here ):
  • Older research:Stock Exchange Forecasting with the help of Neural Networks; Generalities

    Sites related to my work:

  • SOCIETIES: IEEE Computer Society , E-mail: tokyo.ofc@computer.org (Tokyo office)
  • NN sites
  • MOTIF sites
  • MATHS: chaos FAQ; the Lyapunov function; a statistics manual, on line; FAQS in maths; Fractal FAQS; A-Z index; Square error minimization for linear approximation (interactive Java visualization);
  • PARALLELISM: a pvm (Parallel Virtual Machine) manual, on line; MPI (Message passing interface); some Threads FAQ , also a Pthreads (POSIX threads) Tutorial
  • some ECONOMY sites
  • DOCUMENTS: a LATEX manual, on line; ps2pdf converter; a *.tex to html converter
  • LOCAL: Unix User's Guide, Unix shell programming guides , also here
  • WEB: W3C consortium ; the TECFA toolbox, many many info pages listed, HTML tutorial on-line, a html compendium (A-Z index), a html tag overview (all tags), Perl Tutorial (with quizzes!!!), an Perl Tutorial , a programming in Perl page (more advanced, too), and yet an other Perl Guide , Perl FAQ , CGI , scripts , CGI tutorial, JAVA , Java Tutorial , IBM free Java course ; the Java Sketchpad Grammar ; short, partially incomplete courses in Web design: html, Javascript, Java languages; other on-line WEB authoring ressources , a color chart, for backgrounds, text, etc. - select and enjoy!!;

    Info about my country:

  • Recommended: Romanian painted monasteries
  • Some information about my country, Romania , other servers about Romania, or maybe you'd like a directory on Romania?
  • Some information on the German highschool Bucharest (my generation: 1977-1989)
  • Some information on the Computer Science Department of the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, to which I belong
  • Romanian universities
  • Romanian press (most of it in romanian language- but not all !!)
  • Romanian embassy in Tokyo , or here

    Other useful sites:

  • search engines
  • bookstores on-line: Bookpool, for discount techincal books, and Amazon.com
  • universal currency converter- isn't that helpful?!
  • codes for international telephone calls- this always comes handy!
  • Dictionaries: good japanese <-> engl dictionaries - also other dictionaries!!
  • Newspapers on line: Times , Japan Times , New York Times , Asahi shimbun , Mainichi shimbun , Yomiuri
  • Japan: train guide (in Japanese, but Romaji input); the weather forecast in Japan
  • banks, debit/credit cards: Tokyo-Mitsubishi ginkou , DC card Esprite , DC card , DC card English info(!)

    Office address:
    Databases & Hypermedia Group (HG 7.82)
    Information System Department
    Faculty of Mathematics and Computing Science
    Technical University Eindhoven
    Den Dolech 2, PO Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    tel.: direct:(+31)-30-247-4350; secretary: (+31)-30-247-2733


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