Matthew Hill


  1. Gradual Type Systems in Object-based Languages (WT)
    MSc Thesis, University of Warwick (2014/15). Supervised by Dr. Sara Kalvala.
  2. A Static Type System for a Simplified Pascal Dialect
    BSc Project, University of Warwick (2013/14). Supervised by Dr. Steve Matthews.


Tutorial supervision, University of Warwick (2014/15).
  1. CS256 Functional Programming (info)
  2. CS325 Compiler Design (info)


  1. Accessor/Mutator Synthesis in Object-based Languages (read)
  2. Type Attributes for the Gradually Typed λ-calculus (read)
  3. Embedding System F Type Encodings in Haskell (read)
  4. Complete Problems Satisfy a Universal Property (read)