[portrait] Marcin Jurdziński

Associate professor at:  
  Computer Science Department, 
  University of Warwick, UK 

Office: 219, 2nd floor
Phone: +44 24 7652 2417
FAX:   +44 24 7657 3024
  Name.Surname @ warwick.ac.uk
Mail Address:
  Department of Computer Science
  University of Warwick
  Coventry CV4 7AL
  United Kingdom

  My DBLP page
  My Google Scholar page
  My arXiv page
  Some rather old papers

  Research groups:
    Foundations of Computer Science
    Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

  PhD students:
    Michail Fasoulakis (2012-2016)
    John Fearnley (2007-2010)
    Michal Rutkowski (2006-2011)
    Ashutosh Trivedi (2005-2009)

  Office hours: Tuesdays 11:00-12:00, Thursdays 10:00-11:00

  CS260: Algorithms

  Leamington to University via Leek Wooton