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Selected Publications

Roland Wilson

This list is a selection of rather less than half my refereed publications, showing the main areas I've worked in. The division into sections is somewhat arbitrary, but reflects my proclivities to some extent.

Information Theory

 `The Probability of Distribution of the sum of N Sampled Baseband Outputs of a Product Detector whose Inputs are Equal Power, Coherent, Narrowband Signals in a Gaussian Channel', IEEE Trans on Communications, May 1979.

 `Generation and Performance of Quadraphase Welti Codes for Radar and Synchronisation of Coherent and Differentially Coherent PSK Systems', IEEE Trans on Communications, September 1979.

 `Complementary Sequences for Multivariable System Identification', Proc IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 1980.

 `Orthogonal Multilevel Pseudorandom Sequences and Impulse Sequences Derived from them', IEEE Trans on Information Theory, IT-27, May 1981.

 `The Acceptance of Information, its Subjective Cost and the Measurement of Distortion', IEEE Trans on Inform Theory, IT-28, November 1982.

 `A New Approach to Clustering: Theory and Implementations' (with M Spann), Patt. Recog., Dec. 1990.

Signal Analysis

 `Estimating the Orientation of Anisotropic 2-d signals', (with H Knutsson and G H Granlund), Proc IEEE ASSP Soc Workshop on Spectrum Estimation,Florida, 1983.

 `Uncertainty, Eigenvalue Problems and Filter Design', Proc IEEE Conf on Acous Speech, Sig Proc, San Diego, March 1984.

 `Texture Synthesis and Analysis Using Minimum Uncertainty Filters', Proc 1st Image Proc Symposium, Biarritz, May 1984.

 `The Uncertainty Principle in Image Processing', (with G H Granlund), IEEE Trans on PAMI, 6, 758-767, November 1984.

 `Finite Prolate Spheroidal Sequences and their Applications, I: Generation and Properties', IEEE Trans on PAMI, Nov 1987.

 `Kernel Designs for Efficient Multiresolution Edge Detection and Orientation Estimation' (with A H Bhalerao), IEEE Trans PAMI, March 1992.

 `A Generalized Wavelet Transform for Fourier Analysis : the Multiresol ution Fourier Transform and its Application to Image and Audio Signal Analysis'(with A D Calway, E R S Pearson), IEEE Trans. Inform. Th., Special Issue on Wavelets, vol. IT-38, March 1992.

 `Invariant and Equivariant Bilinear Operators for Image Feature Detection' (with A P King), Proc. IEEE ICIP-94, Austin, Tx, 1994.

 `Symmetry and Locality: Uncertainty Revisited', Proc. IEEE ICIP-96, Lausanne, 1996.

 `Representations for Audio Signal Analysis', (with E Pearson, T Shuttleworth, H Scott), Applied Signal Processing, 3, 1996.

Image Modelling

 `Anisotropic Filtering Operations for Image Enhancement and their Relation to the Visual System', (with H Knutsson and G H Granlund), Proc IEEE Conference on Pattern Recog and Image Proc, Dallas, August 1981.

 `Anisotropic Non-Stationary Image Estimation and its Applications Pt I: Restoration of Noisy Images', (with H Knutsson and G H Granlund), IEEE Trans on Communications, COM-31, March 1983.

 `Anisotropic Non-Stationary Image Estimation and its Applications Pt II: Predicitve Image Coding', (with H Knutsson and G H Granlund), IEEE Trans on Communications, COM-31, March 1983, reprinted in `Digital Image Processing and Analysis Vol 1: Digital Image Processing', eds Chellappa and Sawchuk, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1985.

 `Quad-tree Predictive Coding: A New Class of Image Data Compression Algorithms', Proc IEEE Conf on Acous Speech, Sig Proc, San Diego, March 1984.

 `Quad-tree Image Estimation: a New Image Model and its Applciation to Minimum MSE Image Restoration', (with S Clippingdale), 5th Scand Conf on Image Anal, Jul 1987.

 `Least-squares Estimation on a Multiresolution Pyramid', (with S Clippingdale), Proc. IEEE Conf. on ASSP, Glasgow, 1989.

 `Mutiresolution Image Modelling', Electronics and Commun. Engin. J., 1997.

 `Symmetry and Wavelet Transforms for Image Data Compression', (with I Levy, P Meulemans), in Mathematics in Signal Processing, Ed. J G McWhirter and I K Proudler, OUP, 1998.

 `A Two-component Model of Texture for Analysis and Synthesis', (with T-I Hsu), IEEE Trans. on Image Proc., 1998.

 On Zerotree Quantization for Embedded Wavelet Packet Image Coding', (with N Rajpoot, F G Meyer and R R Coifman), Proc. IEEE ICIP-99, Kobe, 1999.

 `Multiresolution Gaussian Mixture Models for Computer Vision', Proc. ICPR-2000, Barcelona, 2000.

 `Three-dimensional Wavelet Transform Video Coding Using Symmetric Codebook Vector Quantisation', (with I Levy), IEEE Trans. on Image Proc., 10, March 2001.

 `Ising Models and Multiresolution Quadtrees', (with W S Kendall), Advances in Applied Probability, 35, 1, 2003.

Image Segmentation

 `The Operational Definition of the Position of Line and Edge', (with H Knutsson and G H Granlund), Proc Int'l Conf on Pattern Recog, Munich, September 1982.

 `A Quad-tree Approach to Image Segmentation that combines statistical and spatial information', (with M Spann), Pattern Recognition, April 1985.

 `Finite Prolate Spheroidal Sequences and their Applications, II: Image Feature Description and Segmentation', (with M Spann), IEEE Trans on PAMI, Mar 88.

 `Image Segmentation and the Problem of Uncertainty', (with M Spann), Research Studies Press, 1987.

 `Generalised Quad-trees: a Unified Approach to Image Analysis and Coding' (with A Calway, M Todd), Proc. 5th SPIE Conf. on Vis. Commun., Lausanne, 1990.

 `Multiresolution Image Segmentation Combining Region and Boundary Information'(with A H Bhalerao), Proc. 7th Scand. Conf. on Image Anal.,1162-69, Aalborg, Denmark, 1991, in `Theory and Applications of Image Analysis', Ed. P Johansen and S Olsen, World Scientific, 1992.

 `Curve Extraction in Images Using a Multiresolution Framework' (with A D Calway), CVGIP: Image Understanding, 359-366, 1994.

 `Image Segmentation Based on a Multiresolution Bayesian Framework', (with C-T Li), Proc. IEEE ICIP-98, Chicago, 1998.

 `Hidden Multiresolution Random Fields and Their Application to Image Segmentation', (with C-T Li), Proc. IEEE ICIAP-99, Venice, 1999.

 `A Multiresolution Texture Gradient Method for Unsupervised Segmentati on',(with T-I Hsu and J L Kuo), Pattern Recogn., Nov. 2000.

 `Unsupervised Image Segmentation Combining Region and Boundary Estimat ion',(with A H Bhalerao), Intl. Jnl of Vision Computing, 19, 2001. (with A H Bhalerao), Intl. Jnl of Vision Computing, 19, 2001.

 `Inferring Vascular Structure from 2-D and 3-D Imagery', (with A Bhalerao,E Thönnes and W S Kendall), Proc. MICCAI-01, Utrecht, 2001.

 `A Class of Discrete Multiresolution Random Field and its Application to Image Segmentation', (with C-T. Li), IEEE Trans. on PAMI, 25, Jan 2003.


 `Uncertainty and Inference in the Visual System', (with H Knutsson), IEEE Trans on SMC,Apr. 88.

 `Is Vision a Pattern Recognition Problem ?', (invited) in `Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 301, Ed. J Kittler, Springer, 1988.

 `A Multiresolution Stereopsis Algorithm Based on the Gabor Representation', (with H Knutsson), Proc. IEE Conf. on IP and Applications, Warwick, 1989.

 `Vertical and Horizontal Disparities from Phase' (with K Langley, T J Atherton, M H E Larcombe), Int'l Jnl Vis. Comp., 1990.

 `Multiresolution Estimation of 2-d Disparity Using a Frequency Domain Approach'(with A D Calway, H Knutsson), Proc. Brit. Conf. on Machine Vision,Sept. 1992.

 `Multiresolution Motion Analysis Combining Feature-based and Featureless Estimates', (with P Meulemans), Proc. IEEE ICIP-97, San Diego, 1997.

 `Image Sequence Analysis Using G-blobs', (with A Calway), Proc. IEEE ICIP-98, Chicago, 1998.

 `Tracking Object Pose', (with J Beacom), Proc. IEEE IMDSP Workshop, Alpbach, 1998.

Neural Networks

 `Orientation-directed Edge Detection Using a Hopfield Neural Network' (with H-C Yang), Proc. IEEE Workshop on Multidimensional SP, Cannes, 1993.

`The Recognition of Musical Structures using Neural Networks' (with T Shuttleworth), Proc. IJCAI-95, Montreal, 1995.

 `Self-Similar Neural Networks Based on a Kohonen Learning Rule', (with S C Clippingdale), Neural Networks, July 1996 .

 `Integer-weight approximation of continuous-weight multilayer feedforward nets', (with A H Khan), Proc. IEEE ICNN-96, Washington D.C., 1996.

 `Classification of Textures Using Wavelet Packets and a Multilayer Perceptron', (with T Chong), Proc. IEEE IMDSP Workshop, Alpbach, 1998.

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Roland Wilson