Acronym Meaning
AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
ARGV ARGument Vector
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATM Automated Teller Machine
Awk named after its inventors names Aho, Weinberger and Kernighan
bash Bourne Again SHell
BSD Berkeley System Distribution
CDE Common Desktop Environment
CPM Control Program for Microcomputers
CPU Central Processing Unit
csplit context split
DNS Domain Name Service
DOS Disk Operating System
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
FDISK Fixed disk utility
FIFO First In First Out
FNR File Number of Record
FS field separator
FVWM F Virtual Window Manager
GNOME GNU Network Object Model Environment
Grep refers to the ex command g/RE/p
GUI Graphical User Interface
HTML HyperText Markup Language
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
JAPH Just Another Perl Hacker
KDE K Desktop Environment
LILO LInux LOader
MAC Media Access Control
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NF number of fields
NIS Network Information Service
NR number of record
PASC Portable Application Standards Committee
PIN Personal Identification Number
RAM Random Access Memory
RS record separator
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
Sed Stream EDitor
SPARC Scalable Processor ARChitecture
tty teletype
UTC Universal Coordinated Time, which is GMT
VMS Virtual Memory System
WINE Wine Is Not an Emulator
YaST Yet another Setup Tool
yp yellow pages