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Introducing UNIX and Linux

Installing Linux

Starting out
      Collecting information about your system
      Installation options
Single boot
Dual boot
      Booting from CD/floppy
      Booting from your hard disk
      A partitionless install
      A dedicated Linux partition
Installing Linux
      Installer software
      Linux partitioning
            Typical partitions
            User accounts
The window manager
      Desktop help
      The KDE Control Center
      File access and the command prompt


This chapter

  • shows you how to collect system information about your computer;
  • introduces you to the different options for setting up Linux;
  • provides guidelines on how to install Linux; and
  • highlights some of the everyday features which Linux will provide.

The purpose of this chapter is to arm you with the necessary information to install your own version of Linux. There are a number of Linux configurations you might consider and the choice you make will be influenced by the capabilities of your computer. This chapter is designed to help you recognise these choices and their limitations.

Copyright © 2002 Mike Joy, Stephen Jarvis and Michael Luck