17:15 - 17:45
Evaluation of the Communication Motif for a Distributed Eigensolver using the SST Network Simulation Tool

Md Afibuzzaman, Hasan Metin Aktulga
Michigan State University, MI

Pieter Maris
Iowa State University, IA

Taylor Groves, Dossay Oryspayev, Brandon Cook, Chao Yang
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA

A new motif that corresponds to the communication operations of the distributed LOBPCG eigensolver used in the Many-Fermion Dynamics–nuclear, or MFDn, code is constructed. The impact of communication strategy and process placement are evaluated on current and future architectures using the SST network simulation tool. Simulation of the communication motif is validated against production runs on the Cori system at NERSC. We identify the strengths and shortcomings of SST in doing so.