Highlands Trip

10th-16th December 2005

Starring (in alphabetical order): Ant, Eric, Hema, Hui, Joob Jang, Mark, Nun, Peng, Pie.

Featuring the Woodlands cottage (http://www.woodlands-glenshiel.co.uk/) and the picturesque surroundings of the Highlands.

Some friends from the Uni of Warwick,
Came looking for something historic,
Climbing a lot,
Soggy they got,
But recovered with fun, food and frolic.

The Girls

+ Hema (still practicing her levitation technique)

The Boys

+ Eric with his beloved tripod

"Hurry up and stop fannying about."

"There is no rush when you are in love."

Afternoon tea.

Mark's early research in animal behaviour proves to be very useful later when playing 'animal pool'.

The terrible twins.

Breakfast == porridge.

Peng takes a spoon of porridge to flavour her bowl of chocolate before feeling a strong sense of excitement.

Another victim takes his daily dose of insanity-inducing porridge.

Eric and his symbol of masculinity.

Beware of the jellyfish.

Pie gets the opportunity to hold Eric's masculinity whilst rock climbing.

"Do you think they can recognise me?"

The tree people moving in for the attack.

These trees were later arrested for breaking out of the forest.

Miss Erica felt quite comfortable in her new hat.


Mark takes time out to pay attention to the views whilst enjoying an earthy cup of tea.

Happy peeps unaware of the soaking that was to come.

Pie contemplates calling in the mountain rescue helicopter.

This looks like a good place for assing about.

Assing about amongst friends

Smiling faces.

The village of Glenelg by the sea.

The village of Drumbuie in the middle of nowhere.

Eilean Donan Castle near our cottage.

Inverness by night.

Smiles hide the tension between these two.

Mark finds himself a lovely young bird.

Modern art.


Pink hat.

Those civilised Scots even have well-signposted toilets in the countryside.

Weak bladders (and weak minds) can be a problem on long journeys.

The loch at Plockton.


Beautiful scenery.

Overlooking the coast at Shiel Bridge.

Sightseeing at Co-op.

The evening yoga class.