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We are one of the foremost groups in the world exploring the mechasims of human brain (AI-based Neuroscience), simulating the whole human brain (digital twin brain (DTB): 86B neuron, 100T synapses), and developing computational theory of the human brain (moment neuronal network (MNN)). Using our data based approach, we have successfully developed brain-inspired AI algorithms for applications in autonomous cars and medicine.

1. Healthy/Diseased brain

We have accumulated some of the largest data sets in the world for the human brain, ranging from behavioural, symptomatic data to genetic and proteomic data. Interested in seeing these datasets or want to work with us? Please do contact me via email. Some recent publications include studies on: depression; Nature Mental Health (2023) [1] ; schizophrenia: Nature Mental Health (2023) [2] ; addiction: Nature Communications (2023) [3]

2. Whole brain simulation

We have used one of the world's largest HPCs to carry out a simulation of 86B neurons which maps to the scale of the human brain (digital twin brain (DTB)). The human DTB has a correlation coefficient of 0.9 with its biological counterpart in resting-state Human DTB [4] [5];     Zebrafish DTB (with Dr. Du JL) :


3. Machine learning

We are working on analyzing and developing various algorithms such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning and community detection algorithms with applications. Our spinoff companies   NeuroBlem;
      Automatic car