Oxford Complexity Day - July 27, 2018.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together students and researchers in Complexity Theory and related areas to share results, ideas, and open problems, and to begin collaborations. Registration is free but required. Please send an e-mail to igorcarb@gmail.com to register your interest in attending.

The event will take place right after the CMI/Oxford Complexity Theory Workshop. (Eligible students and postdocs may apply for funding to come to Oxford. Deadline: April 2)

If in addition to participate you would like to submit a contributed talk, please do so before May 31. Let us know if funding for your participation is conditioned on giving a talk. We will try to accommodate as many speakers as possible. Talks should be submitted to igorcarb@gmail.com

The workshop will be held at the Andrew Wiles Building (Mathematical Institute), Lecture Theatre L2.

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