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Theoretical Computer Scientists for Future
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    @ warwick.ac.uk

  CS2.19, 2nd floor

  Dept of Comp. Sci.
  Univ. of Warwick
  Coventry CV4 7AL
  United Kingdom
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  DBLP, Google Scholar, arXiv, WRAP, some old papers

  Research groups
    Foundations of Computer Science
    Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

  PhD students
    Aditya Prakash (2021-2024)
    Thejaswini K. S. (2019-2023)
    Michail Fasoulakis (2012-2016)
    John Fearnley (2007-2010)
    Michal Rutkowski (2006-2011)
    Ashutosh Trivedi (2005-2009)

    Alexander Kozachinskiy (2020-2021)
    Laure Daviaud (2017-2019)

  Recent invited talks
    ALC'19, CAALM'19, RP'18, ErichFest, MOVEP'18, SR'18, ISMP'18

  Recent and future events
    ATaA:GLS@IMS-NUS,  Highlights'21, TFCS@Simons, Highlights'20,
    ICALP'20, Highlights'19, CONCUR'19, SODA'19, Highlights'18,
    ICALP'18, LICS'18, HALG'18, Logic and Learning,
    DIMAP10+Mike75, Highlights'17, FIMO@Simons, LICS'17, HALG'17
  Recent interns
    Pierre Ohlmann (IRIF, Université de Paris, 2020)
    Remi Morvan (LSV, ENS Paris-Saclay, 2019)
    Thejaswini K. S. (Chennai Mathematical Institute, 2018)

  Funded projects
    Solving Parity Games in Theory and Practice (2017-2021)
    Laurent Doyen, a Rutherford Visiting Fellow (2018-2019)
    Counter Automata: Verification and Synthesis (2015-2017)
    Workshop on Timed and Infinite Systems (2011)
    Games for Quantitative Analysis of Real-Time Systems (2007-10)
    Dagstuhl Seminar on Equilibrium Computation (2007)

  Recent and future visitors
    Laure Daviaud (City, U London, 2020, 2019)
    Laurent Doyen (LSV, ENS Paris-Saclay, 2020, 2018)
    Daniele Dell'erba (U Napoli, 2019)
    Martin Zimmermann (U Liverpool, 2019)
    Karoliina Lehtinen (U Liverpool, 2019; CAU Kiel, 2018)
    John Fearnley (U Liverpool, 2019, 2018, 2017)
    Tom van Dijk (JKU Linz, 2018)
    Wojciech Czerwinski and Pawel Parys (U Warsaw, 2018)
    Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen (IST Austria, 2017)
    Thomas Dueholm Hansen (Aarhus U, 2017)

  Steering Committee 
    Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata (2018-2021)

  Program Committees
    CONCUR'22, ICALP'22, TACAS'21, LATA'20, FSTTCS'19, TIME'18,
    Highlights'18 (chair), LATA'18, TIME'17, AutoMathA'15, FORMATS'14,
    Highlights'13, FORMATS'13, FORMATS'12 (co-chair), FoSSaCS'09

  Event organization
    Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata (Berlin, Germany, 2018)
    Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (London, UK, 2012)
    Workshops co-located with ICALP 2012 (Warwick, UK, 2012)
    Belgium-UK Workshop on Timed and Infinite Systems (Warwick, UK, 2010)
    Dagstuhl Seminar on Equilibrium Computation (Dagstuhl, Germany, 2007)
    Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory (Warwick, UK, 2007)
    Games in Design and Verification (Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005)

  External examining and dissertation reviewing
    Jakub Michaliszyn (Habilitation, Wroclaw U, Poland, 2021)
    Gabriel Rodrigues Santos (PhD, Oxford U, UK, 2020)
    Mateusz Skomra (PhD, Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2018)
    Martin Zimmermann (Habilitation, Saarlandes U, Germany, 2018)
    Soren Stiil Frederiksen (PhD, Aarhus U, Denmark, 2015)
    Thomas Dueholm Hansen (PhD, Aarhus U, Denmark, 2012)
    Michael Ummels (PhD, RWTH Aachen U, Germany, 2010)
    Florian Horn (PhD, U Paris 7, France, 2008)
    Misa Keinanen (PhD, Helsinki UoT, Finland, 2006)

    Athena SWAN
    Highlights supports Theoretical Computer Scientists for the Future

  Office hours: out of term now, reach me by email

  CS126 Design of Information Structures (2005-2007; 2018-2020)
  CS136 Discrete Mathematics I (2009-2010)
  CS137 Discrete Mathematics II (2011-2017)
  CS205 Logic for Computer Scientists (2005-2006)
  CS243 Data Structures and Algorithms (2006-2014)
  CS244 Algorithm Design (2009-2014)
  CS260 Algorithms (2014-2017, 2020-present)
  CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory (2018-present)
  CS410 Modelling and Algorithmic Analysis of Systems (2007-2009)
  CS416 Optimization Methods (2018-2019)
  CS260/310/344/407/907 Guest lecturette

  U Warwick (2004-present; Assist Prof, Assoc Prof, Reader)
  U Paris 7 (2002; Postdoc)
  U California at Berkeley (2001-2004; Postdoc)
  RWTH Aachen U (1999; Intern, Research Assist)
  Aarhus U (1996-2000; Intern, PhD)
  U Warsaw (1992-1997; MSc)

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  Coventry to University
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