Professor Nasir M. Rajpoot

Turing Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute
Wolfson Fellow, The Royal Society

Director, Tissue Image Analytics Lab
PI, PathLAKE Warwick
Co-Director, PathLAKE CoE
Department of Computer Science
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom


My DCS Official Page

"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality." Albert Einstein


Current Research Interests

- Computational Pathology
- Image Analytics
- Applied Machine Learning
- Cancer Biomarkers
- Pattern Recognition


- CS904: Computational Biology
- CS908: Research Methods (Autumn 2016)
- CS313: Mobile Robotics 2001-07 and 2010-12
- CS403: Multimedia Processing, Communications and Storage [Wavelets section] 2002-12
- CS138: Mathematics for Computer and Business Studies 2009-12
- CS132: Computer Organisation and Architecture 2008-10
- CS310: 3rd year project ideas
- CS407: 4th year group project ideas
- CS907: MSc project ideas

Postdoc/Research Fellows

- Amina Asif (PredicTR2)
- Mohsin Bilal (MICAHIL)
- Simon Graham (PathLAKE)
- Nima Hatami (MICAHIL)
- Wenqi Lu (PathLAKE)
- Young Park (PathLAKE)
- Noorul Wahab (PathLAKE)

Current Graduate Students

- Rawan Albusayli (Computational pathology, PhD candidate)
- Navid Alemi Koohbanani (Cancer image analytics, PhD candidate funded by Intel-ATI)
- Hammam Alghamdi (Histology image analytics, PhD candidate)
- Ruqayya Awan (Whole slide cross registration, PhD candidate funded by the Chancellor's scholarship)
- Ayesha Azam (Digital & computational pathology, PhD candidate funded by NIHR)
- Saad Bashir
- Srijay Deshpande
- Jevgenij Gamper
- Simon Graham (Cancer image analytics, PhD candidate funded by EPSRC/MRC MathSys CDT)
- Gozde Gunesli (MRes student)
- John Pocock (Computational pathology, PhD candidate)
- Muhammad Shaban (Digital pathology image analytics, PhD candidate funded by EPSRC)
- Mary Shapcott (Colorectal cancer gene/pathology data analysis, PhD candidate)
- Dang Vu (PhD candidate)

Former Graduate Students

- Talha Qaiser (Digital pathology image analysis); PhD (Apr 2019) [now at Imperial College London, UK] Faculty Thesis Prize 2019
- Najah Alsubaie (Lung cancer histology image analysis); PhD (Jan 2019) [now at parent institute in KSA]
- Mike Tzu-Hsi Song (Bone marrow cancer histology image analysis); PhD (Sep 2017) [now at Birmingham]
- Nicholas Trahearn (Registration of multi-IHC images); PhD (Jan 2017) [now at the ICR, UK]
- Korsuk Sirinukunwattana (Colorectal cancer histology image analysis); PhD (Mar 2016) [now at Oxford] Faculty Thesis Prize 2017
- Guannan Li (Biomedical image analysis); PhD (Jan 2016) [now running a startup in China]
- Violet Kovacheva (Analysis and synthesis of multiplexed cancer histology images); PhD (Dec 2015) [now at the ICR, UK]
- Samuel Jefferyes (Cell motility modeling); PhD (Jan 2015)
- Adnan Khan (Algorithms for Breast Cancer Grading); PhD Faculty Thesis Prize 2015
- Shan-e-Ahmad Raza (Multimodal Image Registration); PhD (March 2014) [now faculty at Warwick, UK]
- Dan Peet (Microtubule tracing); MSc (Sep 2012) [now at the University of Warwick, UK]
- PC Suraj Bangalore-Nagaraj (Tracking spots in fluorescence microscopy); MRes (August 2011) [now at Alstom Grid, UK]
- Vinay Kalasannavar (Analysis of Pathology Images); MSc (November 2010) [now at Four Roads, UK]
- Nerin George (Financial data modelling); MSc (November 2010) [now at UN, Austria]
- Khalid Masood (Histology image analysis for human colon biopsy classification); PhD (September 2010) [now at Jeddah University, KSA]
- Hammad Qureshi (Classification of meningioma histology images); PhD (December 2009) [now at ITU, Pakistan]
- Irfan Butt (Multilateral filtering for image denoising); MSc (November 2009) Best Dissertation Prize [now at Nottingham University, UK]
- Adnan Osmani (Glandular segmentation in colon histology images); MRes (July 2009) [now at Google]
- Zhen Yao (Directional edge and texture representations for image processing); PhD (December 2007) [now at Alibaba]

Professional Activities/Affiliations

- Editorial Board Member, Medical Image Analysis
- Associate Editor, Machine Vision and Applications

- Guest Editor, Special issue on Microscopy Image Analysis for Biomedical Applications (MIABA), Springer Machine Vision and Applications (MVA), 2011
- Guest Editor, Special issue on Multivariate Microscopy Image Analysis, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2010
- Guest Editor, Special issue on New Advances in Video-based Gait Analysis and Applications: Challenges and Solutions, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part B: Cybernetics, 2010

- General Chair, European Congress on Digital Pathology (ECDP), University of Warwick (UK), Apr 2019
- Co-Chair, MICCAI Workshop on Computational Pathology (COMPAY), Granada (Spain), Sep 2018
- Co-Chair, ECP Computational Pathology Symposium, Bilbao (Spain), Sep 2018
- Co-Chair, ECP Computational Pathology Symposium, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Sep 2017
- Co-Chair, ECP Computational Pathology Symposium, Cologne (Germany), Sep 2016
- Organizer, MICCAI'2015 challeng contest on Gland Segmentation in Colon Histology Images (GlaS), Munich (Germany), October 9, 2015
- Co-Chair, MICCAI'2012 workshop on Histopathology Image Analysis (HIMA), Nice (France), October 5, 2012
- Co-Chair, MICCAI'2011 workshop on Histopathology Image Analysis (HIMA), Toronto (Canada), September 18, 2011
- Co-Presenter, ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology: Trends in Experimental Pathology, Washington DC (USA), April 9, 2011
- Co-Chair, HIMA Course at Pathology Informatics 2010, Boston (MA, USA), September 19-22, 2010
- Co-Chair, ICPR'2010 Contest on Pattern Recognition in Histopathological Images, Istanbul (Turkey), August 23, 2010
- General Chair, Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA), Warwick (UK), July 6-7, 2010
- Co-Chair, BMVA Symposium on Microscopy Image Analysis for Biomedical Applications, London (UK), April 21, 2010
- Co-Chair, MICCAI'2009 Workshop on Optical Tissue Image Analysis in Microscopy, Histopathology and Endoscopy (OPTIMHisE), Imperial College London (UK), September 2009
- Co-Chair, Histology Image Analysis (HIMA): Now and Future, Ohio State University, Columbus, July 2009
- Co-Presenter, MICCAI'2008 Tutorial on Histopathology Imaging, New York (USA), September 2008
- Co-Chair, IEEE ISBI'2008 Special Session on Computational Histopathology, Paris (France), May 2008
- Technical Chair, 18th British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC'2007), University of Warwick (UK), September 2007

- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2018): IJCAI'2018 [Senior PC Member], ICASSP'2018, MIDL Amsterdam, SPIE Digital Pathology'2018, IEEE ISBI'2018 [Assoc Editor]
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2017): SPIE Digital Pathology'2017, IEEE EMBC'2017, IEEE ICIP'2017, MIUA'2017, IEEE ISBI'2017 [Assoc Editor]
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2016): SPIE Digital Pathology'2016, IEEE ISBI'2016 [Assoc Editor], ECDP'2016
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2015): SPIE Digital Pathology'2015, IEEE ISBI'2015 [Assoc Editor], MICCAI'2015, MIUA'2015
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2014): SPIE Digital Pathology'2014, MECBME'2014, IEEE ISBI'2014, ICASSP'2014, ICPR'2014, ICISP'2014, MIUA'2014, MICCAI'2014, AICCSA'2014
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2013): IEEE ICIP'2013, MICCAI'2013, WOSSPA'2013, SPIE Digital Pathology'2013, IEEE ISBI'2013, ICASSP'2013
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2012): MICCAI'2012, IEEE ICIP'2012, ICPR'2012, BMVC'2012, MIUA'2012, HIMA@MICCAI'2012, ICISP'2012
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2011): MIAAB'2011, MIUA'2011, IEEE ICIP'2011, IEEE ISBI'2011, ICASSP'2011
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2010): MICCAI'2010, BMVC'2010, IEEE ISBI'2010, IEEE ICIP'2010
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2009): BMVC'2009, IEEE ICIP'2009, IEEE ISBI'2009, MIUA'2009, ICASSP'2009, BTAS'2009
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2008): MICCAI'2008, BMVC'2008, IEEE ICIP'2008, MIUA'2008
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2007): BMVC'2007, IEEE ICIP'2007, MIUA'2007, ICMV'2007
- Member, Programme/Review Committee (2006): MICCAI'2006, IEEE ICIP'2006, MIUA'2006, DEST'2007
- Reviewer, IEEE Transactions IP, MI, CSVT, SP, SPL, SMC, NN
- Reviewer, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Analysis and Applications, IET Electronic Letters, IEE Proceedings VISP, SPIE Optical Engineering

- Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
- Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
- Member, British Machine Vision Association (BMVA)
- Member, British Association of Cancer Research (BACR)

Contact Information

Tel#: +44 (24) 7657 3795
Fax#: +44 (24) 7657 3024

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