Katy's Home Page

This is sunset near Katy's place in Ireland. Katy is an artist, who trained at The Slade School in London before landing unannounced on the unsuspecting, friendly citizens of County Leitrim. There follows a selection from her oeuvre and a photograph, taken at the show. Click on an image to see a larger version. Her work from 1999 is on a separate page, as is her work from 2000 . There follows, as night does day, the work from 2001. At the risk of becoming predictable, I am placing some of her work from 2002 next, followed, as year follows year, by work from 2003. The next is not: herlatest creation is a real beauty. You can contact Katy here.

Deirdre and Euan, 1997.

Streedagh, 1998.

Finniskillen, 1998.

Larkfield, 1998.

Barbro, 1997.

Churn, 1998.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman