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"Bolzano's Wissenschaftslehre, published in 1837, ... far surpasses everything that world literature has to offer in the way of a systematic sketch of logic."
Edmund Husserl, Logical Investigations I. 61 Appendix, 1900
"The development of Bolzano's logic is thus guided by two strong principles: a commitment to make logic serve human ends, and an insistence on rigor in his characteristic sense ..... his logic might therefore be described as formalism with a human face."
Paul Rusnock Bolzano's Philosophy and the Emergence of Modern Mathematics, Rodopi, 2000, p.92
The 200th anniversary of the publication of Bolzano's 'Beyträge zu einer begründeteren Darstellung der Mathematik' (1810) was celebrated with a conference in Prague in April 2010.
Another conference, Bolzano in Prague 2014, celebrating no particular anniversary at all, was held in July 2014. The programme is on that webpage, and some of the papers given there are available on request (send me email).

Projects and Contact

I am involved in the EU Erasmus+ Project CONSTRUIT!. Warwick is the lead partner in the consortium of six partners; here there is some local information and resources associated with CONSTRUIT!.

Also I am in the process of setting up a small Working Group on Bolzano's Mathematics. Let me know by email if you have interest in joining this group.

E-mail: steve.russ[at]warwick.ac.uk


My research is concerned with Empirical Modelling and with the history of ideas (especially those ideas involved in mathematics and computing). Sometimes I manage to combine these two interests. I have for many years been interested in the remarkable work of Bernard Bolzano. My translations of a substantial selection of his mathematical works, with some brief commentary, were published in 2004 by Oxford University Press as The Mathematical Works of Bernard Bolzano (reprinted 2006). See my official webpage for other selected publications.

Teaching and Administration

For many years I was the organiser for, or a major contributor to, modules such as: Design of Information Structures, Professional Skills, Mathematics for Computer Scientists, Probability for Computer Science, Database Systems, Automata and Formal Languages, Numerical Algorithms, Directed Reading, History of Computing, Introduction to Empirical Modelling

A member of numerous committees including the Steering Committee for DCS, Steering Committee for the CBS degree, CBS2 Examination Secretary, Convener of CBS Staff-Student Liaison, Erasmus Co-ordinator, Admissions Tutor, Outreach Activities, Schools Liaison, Widening Participation.