Cambridge-Warwick Quantum Computing Colloquium
Colloquia take place online and consist of talks dedicated to topics of interest in Quantum Computation and Quantum Complexity Theory. Our goal is to create an inclusive forum for discussion and rapid dissemination of ideas. Anyone interested in quantum computing is welcome to join.

Organisers: Tom Gur (Warwick) and Sergii Strelchuk (Cambridge).

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Some of the talks are recorded and made available at the Colloquium's YouTube Channel.
Ronald de Wolf
1 July 2022, 2pm London time -- Video of talk

Ronald de Wolf (QuSoft, CWI)

Title: Quantum machine learning from a theoretical perspective

Abstract: Machine learning can be enhanced by quantum computing, both by allowing quantum data and by having quantum speedups for the optimization process that finds a good model for given data. This talk will examine both aspects, from the perspective of theoretical computer science.

Ryan Odonnell
19 August 2022

Ryan O'donnell (CMU)

Title: TBA

Further details will be announced shortly

Seth Lloyd
September 2022

Seth Lloyd (MIT)

Title: TBA

Further details will be announced shortly