• PhD Thesis
    T. Popham, Nov 2010.
  • Multi-Frame Scene-Flow Estimation Using a Patch Model and Smooth Motion Prior
    T. Popham, A. Bhalerao, R. Wilson, British Machine Vision Conference Workshop, September 2010.
  • A Smooth 6DOF Motion Prior for Efficient 3D Surface Tracking
    T. Popham, R.Wilson, A. Bhalerao, IEEE 3DTV conference, June 2010.
  • Selecting Surface Features for Accurate Multi-Camera Surface Reconstruction
    T. Popham and R.Wilson, British Machine Vision Conference, September 2009.
  • Landmine Field Detection using Joint Temportal and Spatial-scale Detectors
    T. Tjahjadi, I. Gu, T. Popham, EUDEM conference, September 2003.