Circa 1985 2001

Meurig Beynon's Home Page

Welcome to my home page.


To read more about my research consult my research resume, visit the Empirical Modelling web pages, or consult my full CV. A useful overall view of my research contributions can be found at Google Scholar.

Publications 2001-7 classified by date, by type and by topic can be found here.


CS405 Introduction to Empirical Modelling will be taught in the first term in 2012-13. For CS405 online material and related resources, consult the Teaching link on the Empirical Modelling web pages.

As an Emeritus academic, I have no teaching responsibilities other than delivering CS405. I am fully committed to pursuing my research interests in Empirical Modelling however, and welcome interest on this theme from any students. Though I cannot be the official supervisor of projects, I am prepared to direct projects relating to Empirical Modelling that are endorsed by an official supervisor, and (apart from short vacation breaks) will be accessible on a regular basis throughout the year.

For background on EM projects, see For examples of plausible project themes, consult the EM projects post-2010 link on the RHS of the EM webpage.