The Sudoku Experience

The seven Web EDEN workshops presented here relate to an online activity organised for gifted and talented school-children by the University of Warwick in July 2008. The first phase of this activity ("Workshop 1" - which is not included) was based on a variant of the Colour Sudoku program at The other workshops are based around a single script of definitions in which key observables and dependencies that are topical in solving Sudoku puzzles are represented. A rough index to the workshops can be found here.

Before studying the workshops, it may be helpful to consult the General Introduction to the Script.

Workshops 2A, 2B and 2C illustrate some of the principles of modelling with Web EDEN, and present some exercises that show in particular how the prototype for the Colour Sudoku program was developed. Workshops 3A, 3B and 3C go on to show how these modelling techniques can be applied to provide basic support for interactive and collaborative Sudoku puzzle solving.

The source files on which these workshops are based are listed here. Here is a screenshot taken from the "General Introduction to the Script":