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Prizes and Awards

The following prizes/awards will be given at the BMVC banquet on Wednesday, the 12th of September, 2007.

BMVA Distinguished Fellow 2007

Professor Maria Petrou was conferred her award as BMVA Distinguished Fellow, 2006. This prestigious award is given to one person only each year in recognition to their services to the British Machine Vision community. The recipient of the BMVA Distinguished Fellow 2007 award will be announced later this year.

Best Science Paper Prize

The best Science paper prize is awarded to a paper with the most novel and significant contribution to the science of computer vision. The paper is expected to have been ranked highly by its reviewers. The final decision is made by a committee of experts in the area.

The Best Science Paper prize for BMVC2007 was awarded to the paper titled "Sparse MRF Appearance Models for Fast Anatomical Structure Localisation" by Donner, Micusik, Langs, and Bischof.

Best Poster Prize

The best poster prize is awarded based on the poster quality, its technical contents, and its presentation. The final decision is made by members of the review committee.

The Best Poster prize for BMVC2007 was awarded to the paper titled "Towards Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition by Class-Specific Discriminative Features" by Ruta, Li, and Liu.

Best Security Paper Prize

Siemens and Warwick Warp Prize of 300 UK pounds was awarded to the best paper on a security topic. Papers on image analysis and computer vision methods applied to biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris, gait recognition etc.), people and activity monitoring and video surveillance etc. were eligible for this award.

The best Security paper prize was selected by Josef Birchbauer, Technology Manager, Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Biometrics Center, Austria and Dr Li Wang, CTO, Warwick Warp, UK.

The best Security paper prize was awarded to the paper titled "Gender Classification using Shape from Shading" by Wu, Smith, and Hancock.

Sullivan Thesis Prize

The annual Sullivan Doctoral Thesis Prize, administered and awarded by the BMVA, is given to the author of the best thesis in a calendar year.

The 2006 Sullivan thesis prize was awarded to Josef Sivic for his PhD thesis titled "Efficient visual search of images and videos".

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