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BOSS Online Submission System

BOSS Project

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Student Interface

Welcome page.
Login page.
Default student page. Assignments-centric.
Submission page. Can only upload specific, required files.
Success page. Each submission should have a unique SHA-256 hash.
Testing page. May select one or multiple tests.
Management page, for deleting, selecting or testing previous submissions.
Test results page. Tests are queued and do not run on the main server thread, hence the sample test sleeps for a random amount of time before generating a random number.

Staff Interface

Main staff page. Overview of modules the staff member administrates.
Assignments for a chosen module.
Tests for a chosen assignment.
Editing/creating a test for a chosen assignment.
Selecting parameters for a test for a chosen assignment.
Managing students for a chosen module.


Highly modular design. If something can be an interface with an accompanying factory, then it generally is an interface with an accompanying factory.
The templates are written using XHTML and Velocity.
Due to the XHTML structure the page degrades gracefully. Here is the student page viewed with Lynx.