UPDATE (13/March/2021): Unfortunately, after careful consideration and following Jan Krajíček's preference, we have decided to abandon our plans to organize the event. We understand that an online event would not be ideal for this celebration and that the prospects of organising a local workshop this year are still uncertain.  

IMPORTANT: The workshop has been postponed due to COVID-19. We're planning to organise the event in 2021, and more information will be available in due time.

This workshop will celebrate the influential contributions of Prof. Jan Krajíček to the logical foundations of complexity theory and his inspiring dedication to the fundamental questions of the field.

The event will take place in the beautiful town of Tábor, Czech Republic (see practical information).

A preliminary list of speakers can be found here.

We are grateful to the financial support offered by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic during the organization of this event, via EPAC Project (EXPRO 19-27871X) and GACR project 19-05497S.

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