PhD & Postdoctoral Positions in Complexity Theory at Warwick
Multiple PhD positions and postdoctoral positions are available in the research group of Igor Oliveira at the University of Warwick. Candidates interested in computational complexity theory and/or related areas such as mathematical logic and computational learning theory are encouraged to apply.

Deadline for the next round of applications: 1/December/2023. 

The University of Warwick has a long and rich history in computational complexity theory, with several notable alumni and researchers including Leslie Valiant, Adi Shamir, and Mike Paterson. The Theory and Foundations Group (FoCS) has expanded significantly in recent years and a number of staff members and research students work in complexity theory or related areas. As a testatement to the relevance and impact of the group, research produced at Warwick has received widespread recognition over the past five years, securing best paper awards at several top theory conferences including STOC, ICALP, and SODA.
In addition to joining one of the leading and most vibrant groups in Algorithms & Complexity in Europe (see, e.g., CSRankings), you will be a member of the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP) and have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from the Warwick Mathematics Institute. (The Department of Computer Science and the Mathematics Institute are adjacent and physically connected, which offers a unique environment for research on the mathematical aspects of computer science among the top theory groups in the UK.) We are also highly active in the organisation of local and online seminars, workshops, and conferences (see, e.g., WACT, CCC, DIMAP Seminar, Combinatorics Seminar, and the Online Complexity Seminar). Finally, the complexity group has close ties to nearby institutions, such as the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and the University of Birmingham. You will be part of the Complexity Network and are encouraged to collaborate with members of these and other institutions in the UK and abroad.

The positions offer very flexible conditions and come with generous travel support. The typical duration of a PhD position is 4 years. At the postdoctoral level, 2-year and 3-year positions are available, with the possibility of an extension based on mutual agreement and the availability of funds. (Postdoctoral applicants will be automatically considered for all available positions.) The start date of each position is negotiable. While the salary and benefits are comparable to other top universities in the UK, the cost of living near Warwick is significantly lower. Part-time appointments with other universities in the UK and abroad might be possible.    

Application. To be considered for one of the positions, please send an email to Igor Oliveira
 (igorcarb@gmail.comwith your CV and a brief description of your research interests. Please also attach your most recent transcript if you're interested in applying for a PhD position. Informal enquiries are also welcome.