Complexity Meetings take place online and consist of informal talks dedicated to topics of interest in computational complexity theory and related areas. Our goal is for these meetings to serve as a forum for discussion and quick dissemination of results. Meetings will not be recorded and anyone interested in complexity theory is welcome to join.

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A list of talks from 2020-2021 can be found here. You can also access the complete list of meetings through this website.

A Zoom link will be posted here shortly before each meeting.

17/November/2022 (Thursday) at 5pm London Time  
William Hoza (
UC Berkeley) - Recent Progress on Derandomizing Space-Bounded Computation  Slides ]  [ ECCC ]

27/October/2022 (Thursday) at 5pm London Time  
Robert Andrews (
UIUC) - On Matrix Multiplication and Polynomial Identity Testing  Slides ]  arXiv ]

13/October/2022 (Thursday) at 5pm London Time  
Zhengzhong Jin (
MIT) - Indistinguishability Obfuscation via Mathematical Proofs of Equivalence  Slides ]  [ Abstract ]

15/September/2022 (Thursday) at 5pm London Time
Tom Gur (
Warwick) - Worst-Case to Average-Case Reductions via Additive Combinatorics  Slides ]  [ ECCC ]

08/September/2022 (Thursday) at 5pm London Time
Emanuele Viola (
Northeastern) - Survey on Correlation Bounds Against Polynomials  Slides ]

25/August/2022 (Thursday) at 1pm London Time  
Shuichi Hirahara (
NII, Tokyo) - NP-Hardness of Learning Programs and Partial MCSP  Slides ]  [ ECCC ] 

/2022 (Thursday) at 5pm London Time
Hanlin Ren (Oxford
) - On the Range Avoidance Problem for Circuits  Slides ]  [ ECCC ]