E-voting Book

Real-world Electronic Voting: Design, Analysis and Deployment (CRC, 2017)

Feng Hao, Peter Ryan, Eds.

With this book, we aim to capture all major developments in electronic voting since 2003 in a real-world setting. The book covers three broad categories: e-voting protocols, attacks reported on e-voting, and new developments on the use of e-voting. You can order it from Amazon. It is also available on the CRC press website.

Table of Contents [PDF]
Foreword (Josh Benaloh) [PDF]
Preface (Feng Hao and Peter Ryan) [PDF]

Part I: Setting the scheme

  • Chapter 1: Software Independence Revisited (Ronald L. Rivest and Madars Virza)
  • Chapter 2: Guidelines for Trialling E-voting in National Elections (Ben Goldsmith)

Part II: Real-world e-voting in national elections

Part III: E2E verifiable protocols and real-world applications