"Good research comes from tackling real problems."
"Good research is done with a shovel not with tweezers."
--- Roger Needham

Research team

Who are we

Current members

  1. Prof Feng Hao (PI)
  2. Dr Samiran Bag (SRF)
  3. Dr Sumanka Sarker (SRF)
  4. Dr Indranil Ghosh Ray (RF)
  5. Mahshid Delavar (RF)
  6. Shen Wang (PhD student)
  7. Mahshid Mehr Nezhad (PhD student)
  8. Luke Harrison (PhD student)
  9. Mohammad Sadegh Nourbakhsh (PhD student)

PhD graduates

  • Maryam Mehrnezhad (graduated in 2016 from Newcastle University). Thesis: "On the Security of Mobile Sensors" [PDF] [viva presentation]
  • Patrick McCorry (graduated in 2017 from Newcastle University). Thesis: "Applications of the Blockchain using Cryptography" [PDF]
  • Ehsan Toreini (graduated in 2018 from Newcastle University). Thesis: "New Advances in Tamper Evident Technologies" [PDF]

Former post-docs

Visitors in the past

  • Prof Bimal Kumar Roy from Indian Statistical Institute (Nov, 2018, Nov, 2019)
  • Somnath Panja from Indian Statistical Institute (May 2019 - July 2019)
  • Charles Varlei Neu from PUCRS, Brazil (Jul 2018 - Oct 2018)
  • Dr Hang Luo from Peking University, China (Jul-Sep 2017, Dec 2017-Feb, 2017)
  • Dr Chengqing Li from Hunan University, China (Dec 2016-Jun 2017)
  • Prof Xun Yi from RMIT, Australia (Feb 2014)
  • Carlos Vegas from Spain (Sep-Oct 2013)


Our research is kindly supported by several funding sponsors.