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PAST Events, 2012-2015

October 5-9 2015:  Oracle Expert Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, Chris Date with expanded versions of Aspects of Relational Theory (consisting of "What's an RDBMS?" + "Nullology" + "How to Update Views" + "Nulls, Three-Valued Logic, and Missing Information") and Time and Relational Theory, one and a half days each, October 7-9.

22-23 April 2015: In Bucharest, Romania, Chris Date on "Aspects of Relational Theory" and "Time and Relational Theory" at the Oracle University Expert Summit.  ("Aspects of Relational Theory" = What’s a Relational DBMS? + How to Update Views + Nulls, Three-Valued Logic, and Missing Information + The Closed World Assumption.)

10 December, 2014:  In Sydney, Australia, "What's a Relational DBMS"? for Oracle Meetup -- further details to follow. 

13 May, 2014:  In Boston, Mass: "What's an RDBMS? Shedding Some Light" and "Database Graffiti", by Chris Date for the Northern Oracle User Group. 

5-6 June, 2014: Time and Relational Theory at the "Harmony" conference in Finland.

Seminar by Chris Date in Cleveland, Ohio, October 22-24, 2013: SQL and Relational Theory.  See

Presentations by Chris Date at the Great Lakes Oracle User Conference (Cleveland, Ohio) Tue May 14, 2013: "What's an RDBMS? Shedding Some Light" and "Database Graffiti". 

Seminar in Brussels,  Thursday-Friday, October 25-26, 2012: SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code (two day version), see  Contact Tony Claes,

Seminar by Chris Date in Italy, October 29-31, 2012: SQL and Relational Theory.

Seminars by Chris Date in Europe, May-June 2012:

Chris gave his seminar Normal Forms and All That Jazz: A Database Professional’s Guide to the Theory of Database Design at each of the following events:

Wed-Thu May 30-31, at the Finland Oracle User Group Conference:

Mon-Tue June 4-5, in Lljublana (Slovenia) organized by DbProf d.o.o. in cooperation with SIOUG, Slovenian Oracle User Group

Thu-Fri June 7-8, Edinburgh, The Chris Date Master Class.

Seminars by Chris Date in New Zealand, March 2012:

Chris gave his seminar SQL and Relational Theory on Mon-Tue March 5-6 in Christchurch, Thu-Fri March 8-9 in Wellington, and Mon-Tue March 12-13 in Auckland.