Reference material

The Third Manifesto and Tutorial D (reference material)

The definitions given here are current and supersede all previous versions published in books.

The Third Manifesto, dated April 5th, 2016.

The Inheritance Model, dated September 26th, 2016 (Chapter 4 of Type Inheritance and Relational Theory)

Tutorial D (Chapter 11 of Database Explorations with some additions and other chnages; see also Tutorial D: Approved Variations below)

Tutorial D grammar in alphabetical order of BNF terms

Tutorial D: Approved Variations (variations from the given language definition that implementers and writers might prefer to use)

Appendix A (an abstract relational algebra, A, referenced in the definition of Tutorial D)

Reference Material from Database Explorations

Some of the material given here has since been revised and is provided here for historical reference purposes.

Chapter 1, "The Third Manifesto" (no longer current, see above)

Chapter 11, "Tutorial D" (no longer current, see above)

Abbreviated table of contents, showing the chapter titles and page numbers (in printed book)

Errata for 1st printing

Reference Material from 3rd Edition

By permission of our publisher, Pearson Education, we provide here PDF copies of certain material from Databases, Types and The Relational Model. Some of this material was revised in Database Explorations and is provided here for historical reference purposes.

Chapter 4, The Third Manifesto (no longer current)

Tutorial D: The description in Chapter 5 (no longer current)

The definitions in Appendix A (an abstract relational algebra referenced in the definition of Tutorial D)

The grammar in alphabetical order of Tutorial D BNF terms in Appendix I (no longer current).

Caveat lector: These copies were produced by Hugh Darwen from the final working drafts he received from Chris Date in August, 2005. Subsequent work on the camera-ready copy for our publisher might have introduced some very minor changes. In any case, some editing was needed to make them presentable here:

  • • Footnotes in the working draft had to be converted into real footnotes, and numbered.
  • • First-line indentation of bulleted paragraphs needed adjustment in some cases.
  • • The correct mathematical symbols for the various set comparison operators ("is (not) a member of", "is (not) a subset of" and so on) were provided.

In addition, the pagination is different from that in the book. Please report any discrepancies, or errors arising from the editing mentioned above,