Dr Abdnacer Bouchekhima (2011-14)

Current research students

Robert Gowers: Linking neuronal microcircuit dysfunction to disease (MathSys DTC), in collaboration with Magnus Richardson

Christopher Norman (MathSys DTC)


Yihe Lu: Functional morphologies of neuronal dendrites (Complexity Science DTC, PhD 2018). First destination: a post-doc in Nottingham.

Ian Atkinson (MathSys MSc project, 2016-17)

Jamie Luo: "A study of sub-threshold resonant dendrites under periodic stimuli" (Complexity MSc, 2008-09)

Jamie Harris: "Propagation of intercellular calcium waves" (Complexity MSc, 2009-10) , see the paper

Anthony Woolcock: "Dendritic democracy: the role of hyperpolarisation-activated current" (Complexity MSc, 2009-10)

Quentin Caudron: Mathematical Neuroscience (Complexity DTC, PhD 2013). First destination: a post-doc in Bryan Grenfell's Lab (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University).

Davide Michieletto (Complexity MSc, 2012-13), see the paper

Sam Bilson (Complexity MSc, 2012-13)

Arturo Leos Zamorategui (Erasmus Mundus MSc, 2012-13)

Benjamin Hamilton: Calcium fluctuations in microdomains (Systems Biology DTC, PhD 2014), in collaboration with Anatoly Shmygol

Ana Victoria Ponce-Bobadilla (Erasmus Mundus MSc, 2013-14)

Edward Korveh (Erasmus Mundus MSc, 2014-15)