Hugh Darwen
University of Warwick 
Department of Computer Science
Former Visiting lecturer

I retired from this post in 2014 but I have left my material in place for anybody who might find it helpful.

CS319 Course Material
CS252 Course Material (module discontinued in 2012)
The Third Manifesto

CS319 Course Material

Lecture handouts (PDF) Slides (PPT) Notes keyed to slides (PDF)
Relational Algebra Revisited Slides Notes
Temporal Data and The Relational Model Slides Notes
How to Handle Missing Information Without Using NULL Slides Notes
The Askew Wall (SQL and The Relational Model) Slides Notes
Additional Material    
Hints regarding exam questions on Hugh's lectures 
Exercises on Temporal Data    
Past exam questions    

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CS252 Course Material

In case of any problems with Rel you may wish to study the Rel forum, in the section named Report a Bug.

Lecture handouts (PDF) Slides (PPT) Notes keyed to slides (PDF)
0. Preface Slides 0
1. Introduction Slides 1 Notes 1
2. Values, Types, Variables, Operators Slides 2 Notes 2
3. Predicates and Propositions Slides 3 Notes 3
4. Relational Algebra, Part I   Slides 4 Notes 4
5. Relational Algebra, Part II Slides 5 Notes 5
6. Relational Algebra, Part III  Slides 6 Notes 6
7. Constraints and Updating   Slides 7 Notes 7
8. Database Design Issues I Slides 8 Notes 8
9. Database Design Issues II Slides 9 Notes 9
Worksheets (PDF) Worksheet solutions Solutions to lecture exercises
1. Exercises using Rel Worksheet 1 Exercises in Lectures 1, 2, and 3
3. Exercises using Rel II  Worksheet 2 Exercises in Lectures 4, 5 and 6
4. Exercises using Rel III Worksheet 3 Exercises in Lecture 9
Solutions to course work exercises
to be provided at Dr. Cristea's web site
Download Rel    
Tutorial D reference material 
(from Databases, Types, and The Relational Model, by C.J. Date and Hugh Darwen)
Description (Chapter 5 of the book)
not all of it needed for CS252!
Grammar in alphabetical order (Appendix I) Relational operator semantics (Appendix A)
Additional Material    
Hugh's book based on CS252, a free download from

and its companion book, SQL: A Comparative Survey

Questions on CS252 submitted by students, with Hugh's answers.  Feel free to add to this list!
Notes on SQL-style "subqueries" in Tutorial D
(beyond the scope of CS252 really)
  Why Performance Is Irrelevant (and therefore doesn't need to be considered in any of the exercises!)
Expected Learning Outcomes (to assist with exam preparation)   SQL counterparts of various Tutorial D relational operators.

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