Algebraic Complexity Theory Workshop at ICALP 2023

Time and Place

The aim of this 1-day satellite workshop of ICALP 2023 is to initiate interactions and collaborations between the algebraic complexity theory community and the wider theoretical computer science community.

Algebraic Complexity Theory is a vibrant field that has seen a tremendous amount of activity in the recent years. Its classical questions have been interwoven with deep questions from algebraic geometry, invariant theory, and representation theory. Researchers study a wide range of interlinked topics: arithmetic circuit lower bounds, algorithmic algebra(ic geometry), algorithmic invariant theory, geometric complexity theory, tensor rank, polynomial identity testing, and polynomial reconstruction, to name a few.

The presentations are aimed at a general theoretical computer science audience.

Plenary Speakers


The workshop is embedded into the official ICALP schedule.

Abstracts (sorted alphabetically by last name)


Organised by Christian Ikenmeyer (University of Warwick), Pranjal Dutta (National University of Singapore), and Vladimir Lysikov (University of Copenhagen).

This workshop has been made possible by the financial support of the University of Warwick, Department of Computer Science.